The Farm

Hatch Chile
Green ChileAlways spicy and delicious, our authentic Hatch Chile adds zest to all your favorite Mexican and New Mexican recipes.  We carry NM 6-4, NM Big Jim and NM Sandia chile varieties.  Green chile is harvested in late July thru September.  Our red chile is harvested in October and November.


Our onions are sure to compliment any style meal, from burgers to tangy Italian dishes.  We grow red, white and yellow varieties which are hand topped May thru early August.  Our labels include, Nu Mex Finest, Apache Sweets and Desert Jewels.


PumpkinsWhat Halloween is complete without big, plump, Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins?  We grow them with care and pride especially for Halloween.  Harvest time runs from early September thru October 31st, just in time to delight all those trick-or-treaters.  You can find our pumpkins at local markets or come pick them in our fields.


Always mouth-watering and especially sweet, our plump, juicy watermelons add fun to any summer picnic or cookout.  We harvest in August and September.


We carry high quality dairy and horse hay.  We start baling our hay in late April and finish in October.  We carry both large and small bales.  Out Bale Bandit bales have 21 small bales bundled together for easy loading and stacking.  We also carry ½ ton multi-pack bales.  Which ever you choose your animal friends will surely enjoy.