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Welcome to Chile River Farms

Nestled in the fertile Rio Grande Valley, beneath an endless blue sky, 4.5 miles north of the small but colorful town of Hatch, NM you’ll find Chile River Farms. 

At Chile River Farms, we strive to make a great thing even better.  Four generations of family-owned and operated farming combined with a modern approach to conservation add flavor to everything we grow.  We pride ourselves in each harvest of our choice, hand-picked produce.  Whether it’s our plump pumpkins, juicy watermelons, savory onions, or our world-renowned chile, both red and green, we’re certain it’s a pride you’ll taste.  

What makes Hatch chile so uncommonly good?

A rare mix of hot summer days, cool nights, ample water, and rich soil create the perfect conditions to grow chile.  Whether you prefer red or green, Hatch chile peppers are especially spicy and delicious.  In fact, over 30,000 visitors flock to hatch each Labor Day weekend for the Hatch Chile Festival to sample the world famous chile.  It’s no wonder so many refer to Hatch as the “chile capital of the World.”

But don’t take our word for it.  Ask for Hatch Chile at your favorite restaurant, and be sure to try our delicious home recipes. They’re sure to delight everyone in your family as they have ours.